Examples of Denotative Words?


There are a number of known examples for denotative words. These types of words are defined as words that tend to denote. Denote is defined as an indication of something. Words that are good examples of this include indicative, denoting, reflective, significant, signifying, and telltale. This particular word is also related to other words, such as allusive, symptomatic, demonstrative, expressive, hinting, insinuating, and suggestive. The word itself works in direct conjunction with the word connotation, when used in sentences and poems.
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All words have a denotation, and most have connotations. Sometimes connotations are based on a general idea or stereotype of the word/term and sometimes it can be based upon the user
1. Start a simple sentence. Leave a blank where the subject, or noun, should go. For instance, your simple sentence might be "The (blank) went to the store for some milk. 2.
Denotation is the specific, literal image,
There is a fantastic phrase, hapax legomenon. which, much like nonce words, refers to a word which appears only once in an entire written record of a language, an author's work or
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