What Are Some Examples of Egoism Disguised as Altruism?


Egoism means that a person is only concerned about themselves. If egoism is disguised as altruism, it means that they are trying to look like they are doing something for someone else but are really only concerned about themselves. An example would be if someone asked if you wanted to go out for ice cream and they would buy it, but they really only care about going to get ice cream for themselves.
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Any scenario in which one does not consider the point of view of the "other person" We are all the other person to the another person. That guy or gal. If one places themselves
The divide between altruism and egoism is tricky, even in situations that appear fully altruistic. Theories which explain the presence of altruism in a an evolutionary context generally
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Based on the definition provided by my reference, a real example of psychological egoism would be a banker who embezzles hundreds of millions of dollars and chalks it up to bad investing
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