Examples of Electronic Communication?


There are many forms of electronic communication in 2013. Some examples of electronic communication are cell phones, latops, computers, tablets such as iPads, Skype, email, pagers, and chat functions. For example, a cellphone is used to send and recieve text message instantly to millions of people everyday. Oother people use Skype, a calling application, to communicate with friends, family, and business associates. Skype is free to download and to use, but can be upgraded for a fee.
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Mobile Phones Communicate By Using Radio Waves Or Radio Frequency Connecting The Mobile Phone To Nearest Phone Mast. Phone Mast Is Placed At Thee Bottom Of The Phone That Is Why We
The electronics and communications engineer creates the electronic circuitries that convert a voice or Internet message into pulses to send them through communications lines. This
I don't understand your answer but as an electronics student, you can use some open source platforms as arduino and cerberus boards and software to develop your own electronics circuit
1 Obtain a camera . Ad 2 Take a picture of your television screen while it is turned off. This also works on a computer monitor. 3 Upload the pictures to your computer. 4 Using photo
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