What Is a Good Example of a Folktale?


Folktales are stories rooted in the traditions, customs, and oral histories of a tribe or group of people. Paul Bunyan and his blue ox, named Babe, is an example of an American folktale. Many Johnny Appleseed stories take on the characteristics of folktales as well.
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There are lots of folk-tale type stories; more than could be given causally. But I'll start the list off. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. HuckleBerry Finn. Last of the Mohicans. The
Some folktale examples include Rip Van Winkle, Buffalo Bill, Helen of Troy, and
Filipino Folktales:GBA. The Tagalog for 'folktale' is kuwentong-bayan. #1) Abadeha, Filipino Cinderella. Abadeha is the Philippine version of Cinderella. She is a kind and hardworking
Brer Rabbit Paul Bunyan Johnny Appleseed Davey Crockett Pecos Bill
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A folk tale is a traditional story that attempts to explain or provide some understanding of the world. Good examples of some still commonly known folk tales include The Three Sillies and Jack and Jill. Another good example is Little Red Riding Hood.
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