Examples of Harmful Fungi?


Examples of harmful fungi are Latin American death cap, ergot, sulphur tuft, deadly parasol, wholly milk cap and also yellow knight. There is also the superficial infection, which is caused by fungi that attack the skin, systematic infections which occur within the tissues and intermediate infection which occur under the skin.
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Some fungi damage food products, paper, leather, paint and textiles. Some fungi cause diseases in crops(for example Puccinia and Ustilsgo) in humans beings (Microsporium, Artroderma
The fungi Amanita or the death cap is a dangerous or harmful to humans. ChaCha!
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fungi contain mushrooms , molds and yeasts. some of the harmful mushrooms : amanita phalloides, aka the death cap (phalloides because it looks like a . ) amanita virosa, aka the destroying
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