Examples of Monocot and Dicot Seeds?


Examples of monocot and dicot seeds include iris seeds as monocots and erigeron as dicots. monocots have only one seed leaf within the seed coat. Dicots have two leaves inside the seed coat.
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Buttercups, maples, roses are common examples of a monocot seed.
Monocots: Corn, avocado, grass, wheat, rice, orchids, onions, etc. Dicots: Broadleaf trees, shrubs, most fruits & vegetables.
Dear Coolio, Iam given u a very simple way how to detect a monocot and dicot seed, by this manner u yourself get so many example of monot and dicot seeds. A monocot seeds always having
1. Cut a monocot and a dicot in half with the knife. The corn is a monocot and the bean is a dicot. The bean has two distinct halves, with a forming leaf or cotyledon in each side
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