What are examples of monosyllabic words?


Monosyllabic words are words that only have one syllable. Examples of these words would include: cat, dog, bat, head, foot, hand, nose. Some entire languages are considered to be monosyllabic, including Old Chinese.
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her. she. is. I. his. he. it. the. why. what. they. is. no. not. yes. be. do. but. an. a. hoe. lawn. yawn. bay. say. day. live. life. can. ban. land. man. hand. shake. wake. cake.
There are a few short words, like: very brief; terse or blunt. Thank you for
A monosyllabic substantive word is a pronoun, or noun, with only one syllable. Example: Tom. Ask
monosyllabic word; monosyllable
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