Examples of Non Seed Plants?


Examples of non-seed vascular plants are such as; Horsetails, Ferns, Mosses, and Liverworts. These plants do not need seeds to reproduce and grow into new plants. These plants use structures known as spores to create new versions of themselves.
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Non flowering plants cannot make seeds.
There are two large groups of seed-bearing plants. Gymnosperm is the name given to those that bear seeds without a flowers or seed covering. The term gymnosperm derives from the Greek
Female reproductive structures in pine are located in the seed cones. Also, there
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Examples of Non-Seed Plants
Non-seed plants are plants that do not require seeds to reproduce and grow into new plants. Instead of using seeds, non-seed plants use structures called spores to create new versions of themselves. Like seed plants, some non-seed plants are able to... More »
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