Examples of Non Verbal Communication?


Sometimes, it's not what you say, but everything else. Non-Verbal Communication is essentially any communication that you might make (intended or unintended) without uttering a word. If you roll your eyes, clap your hands, smile, pat someone on the back, or gesture with your hands in an aggressive fashion, you are communicating with someone else. Your distance from another person, the way you position your body, and even eye contact play a role in your communication with others.
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Examples of non-verbal communication include: sign language, hand
1. Watch speaker's faces carefully to pick up clues to the nonverbal messages they are sending. An eye closure that lasts less than two seconds is a wink, according to FaceandEmotion.com
[Th] Communication between individuals based on facial expression, bodily gesture, or the deployment of material culture such as clothing, ornaments, objects, and structures. The
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Examples of Non Verbal Communication Exercises
During your interactions with others, you constantly give and receive wordless signals. Called "nonverbal communication" or body language," how you say something is sometimes more important that what you are saying. In addition to your words, you... More »
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