Examples of Phylum Nematoda?


Some examples of the phylum Nematoda include the tube worm and the round worm. Other examples include many parasitic worms found in animals including tape worms. The clam worm is another example of this phylum.
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Hook Worms and Ascaris,wuchereria.
Enoplida, Araeolaimida, Rhabditida, Spirurida, Diplogasterida,
phylum nematoda: unsegmented worms: roundworms
Nematodes are commonly referred to as roundworms. Like humans, they are animals with bilateral symmetry, meaning they have a distinctive front, back, top, and bottom, but their left
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Phylum Nematoda
Members of the Phylum Nematoda are commonly known as "roundworms." The nematodes and rotifers, along with some other minor phyla, are sometimes referred to as the "aschelminths", though this is a loose association no longer used. Most are free-living... More >>
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