What are some examples of qualitative observation?


According to YourDictionary, qualitative observation pertains to the description of something using sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. Qualitative characteristics are subjective and abstract rather than objective and concrete.

YourDictionary gives examples of qualitative descriptions that do not contain numerical information but rather show the feeling or quality of something. Qualitative descriptions use adjectives that convey color, shape, texture, touch, smell, taste and sound. They can also describe the nature of a person or an object, such as "brave," "menacing" or "funny." An example of a qualitative observation is: "During an experiment, the potato turned purple after adding iodine." This is a qualitative description because it describes the occurrence in subjective rather than objective terms. In contrast, a quantitative observation is: "During an experiment, one potato changed color two seconds after adding three drops of iodine." Quantitative observations focus on numerical values. Another example of a qualitative observation is when a person gives a general sense of what life was like during a certain time period, based on reading historical documents. A psychologist observing children on a playground makes qualitative observations about the children and their relationships. A movie critic's review of a movie is also a qualitative observation because it is a subjective judgment.

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