Examples of Reactants?


A reactant is a subtance that takes part in a reaction and also undergoes change as part of the reaction. One example of reactants include sprinkling salt on ice to make it melt. Salt and ice are the reactants. Another example is combining hydrogen and oxygen to make water, wherein the hydrogen and oxygen are the reactants. Finally, combining methane and oxygen to make carbon dioxide and water wherein methane and oxygen are the reactants is another great example. When you light a candle, the reactants are oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen gas.
Q&A Related to "Examples of Reactants?"
In a chemical reaction the starting materials are treated as reactants. A chemical reaction example: N2 (nitrogen) + 3H2(hydrogen) < 2NH3 (ammonia) Nitrogen and hydrogen are considered
Any molecule can be a reactant, because it will react with something. Go ChaCha!
In a chemical reaction the "reactants" are the substances do "the reacting" They are found on the left hand side of a chemical equation. By the way, the formation
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