What are examples of schwa words?


The schwa sound occurs in unstressed syllables in words in English. The "i" in "decibel" is an example. Other examples include around, mother, sofa, woman, buses, system, easily, circus, gallop, official, event, occasion, fatigue, coronation, afterwards, separate, memory, alone and taken. The schwa, identified by the "uh" sound and pronunciation, is the most common vowel sound in the English language. The phonetic symbol ? is used to represent this sound.

Any vowel letter can create a schwa sound, which represents a mid-central, neutral vowel sound in an unstressed syllable. A schwa may be present at the beginning, middle or end of a word containing two or more syllables. The schwa sound sometimes creates confusion among children when they are learning to spell. In some instances, they completely omit the vowel that makes the schwa sound when spelling words. For example, children sometimes spell "chocolate" as "choclate" or "memory" as "memry." Sometimes, children replace the schwa vowel with another incorrect vowel. Examples of this include incorrectly spelling "syringe" as "suringe" or "pencil" as "pencol." The usage of the schwa sound varies among dialects. For instance, English speakers in Australia place schwa sounds in words that British and American speakers do not.

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Schwa is the most common vowel sound in English, a reduced vowel in many unstressed
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schwa: a neutral middle vowel
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