What Are Examples of Educational Objectives and Career Objectives and Personal Goals?


Educational objectives are goals that talks about one's education. Example would be to finish college. Career objectives are goals set for one's profession such as to become as successful nurse. Lastly, personal goals are goals set for one's self such as to be a good citizen, be a good person, etc.
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1. Be specific when writing a goal. Use assessments to write the goal. For example, if you administered a phonics assessment for a child and he could not read consonant-vowel-consonant
My main objective are to provide daily support for the maintenance of all testers and handlers at the production floor. Coordinate with the manufacturing groups such as setups, which
The SMART goal setting technique ensures goals are: Specific,
I will work harder at (whatever you're doing) I will plan to do. I will consider doing.
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Examples of SMART Goals in Education
Setting SMART goals in education helps students and educators develop clear plans. SMART goals follow the acronym: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.... More »
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Leaders are people who influence a group of people towards the achievement of a goal. Leaders in business, education, and other organizations have goals they work ...
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