What are examples of social groups?


A social group is a group of people that shares some social relation. To be a member of a social group requires interaction between the members of the group as well as identifying themselves as a member of the group. There are two types of socials groups, primary groups and secondary groups. Examples of primary social groups include families, peers, friends, church members, sororities, fraternities, play groups, and school classes. Examples of secondary groups include neighborhoods, clubs, and relationships with people who provide services, such as a stockbroker.
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there are many social groups, which can be categorised in form of primary and secondary groups .primary groups means related to basic and fundamental needs and desires. they are primary
Having relationships with social groups give a lot of meaning to a person's life. Social groups provide a system of support, acceptance and community. Without social groups, individuals
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There are a lot of social innovation accelerators/incubators coming out of schools these days which try to network students from different disciples together for social good. For
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