Examples of Social Responsibility?


When individuals and organizations say they are motivated by social responsibility, they are referring to a feeling of ethical obligation to act in ways that benefit society.

In recent years, the mantra of social responsibility has been taken up by small businesses, non-profits, and corporations alike. Some notable examples of corporate efforts at social responsibility include:

  • Ben & Jerry's, which started the Ben & Jerry's Foundation and donates 7.5% of profits to charitable causes
  • Kenneth Cole, which has supported AIDS awareness and research
  • Pedigree, which distributes grants and food to animal shelters.

Each of these companies has recognized that success in business alone falls short of contributing to the societies they share in, and have taken the extra step to address their ethical obligations.

On an individual level, everyone can engage in acts of social responsibility, every day. Consider the consequences of your actions on society as whole.

  • Turn off lights and electronics when they aren't needed to conserve energy.
  • Donate money to trustworthy organizations that work to further causes that interest you.
  • Volunteer

Remember, the smallest act of individual social responsibility can have a powerful impact when multiplied by an entire community.
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