What are some examples of sociodramatic play?


Some examples of sociodramatic play are children playing doctor and patient, hungry customer and restaurant cook, cashier and bagger in a grocery store or client and beautician. Sociodramatic play is often referred to as make believe or fantasy play.

Children usually begin sociodramatic play around the age of two or three years. One of the primary features of sociodramatic play is that it is symbolic in nature. This form of playing often involves elaborate scenarios such as going to a doctor.

Sociodramatic play involves developing complex play abilities where children interact with their world and begin developing expectations for it. It allows children to explore common daily scenarios so that they can understand them better.

It also helps to reduce anxiety or fears of certain situations that are common in children. For example, if a child pretends to go see a doctor, he or she may feel more comfortable when dealing with the real experience. Practicing getting a shot or having an exam teaches effective coping strategies.

Before they begin sociodramatic play, children tend to focus on the real world. Their favorite toys are often simple household objects such as empty boxes, pots and pans and simple toys such as dolls or balls. They are content to play alone and do not yet have the developmental skills to engage in pretend play with other children.

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