Examples of Somatic Reflexes?


There are various examples somatic reflexes. These are all reflexes that that provoke the skeletal muscles. They include stretch, superficial cord, crossed extensor and more.
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somatic reflexes include all reflexes that stimulate the skeletal muscles. like when you quickly pull your hand away from a hot object, a somatic reflex is working.
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( sō′mad·ik ′rē′fleks ′sis·təm ) (physiology) An involuntary control system characterized by a control loop which includes skeletal
A somatic reflex is a reflex in which the effectors are skeletal muscles like the patellar
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Somatic reflexes are coordinated by the nervous system. These reflexes are our reactions to pain, stimuli, and instances of fear. These reflexes are also responsible ...
Somatic reflexes pertain to skeletal muscles that are under conscious control. The reflex itself only reacts to either pain or danger. The reflex occurs due to ...
Reflexive is a pronoun, it means it would be used when the object of a sentence is actually the same as the subject of the sentence. Examples: I and myself, you ...
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