Examples of Static Electricity?


Static electricity is a stationary charge that is typically produced by friction. It causes sparks or crackling as well as the attraction of dust or hair. Examples of static electricity include your clothes sticking together after drying (if you haven't used a liquid fabric softener or a dryer sheet), rubbing a balloon on your head and then bringing it close to a wall (the balloon will probably stick to the wall due to the stationary charge from your hair), shuffling your feet across a floor that is covered with carpet and then touching a metal object, and touching a doorknob during dry weather.
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They stop the flow of electrons.
Static Electricity, a motionless electrical charge, as
1. Touch a metal object to eliminate any static charge you already have before touching sensitive electronics. Any charge in your body will escape in a static shock. 2. Maintain a
1 Limit contact between moving bodies. Items collect static charge when spare electrons (trapped by a lack of conductive outlet) are collected or "swept up" by a passing
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