Examples of stipulative definition of words?


Stipulative definitions of words are definitions in which a term is given a new, specific meaning in a given context. Stipulative definitions are often used for the purpose of argument or discussion. One example of a stipulative definition is Nelson Goodman's riddle of induction, 'grue.' 'Grue' was stipulated to be a property that makes an object appear green if observed before a future period, and blue if seen after said future period. This is stipulative because the word 'grue' has no standard English definition.

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definition that assigns meaning to a word, sometimes without regard for common usage . The term stipulative definition is often used in a pejorative sense to refer to a definition
Stipulation is a condition, demand, or promise in an agreement or
Sesquipedalian. Adjectival. (Depending on how you define them—for example, whoop. as a noun rather than a verb) most onomatopoeias.
1: one that serves as a pattern to be imitated or not to be imitated. 2: a punishment inflicted on someone as a warning to others; also. an individual so punished. 3: one (as an item
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