Examples of Victim Impact Statements?


Examples of victim impact statements show how traumatic being the victim of a crime has been. Victim impact statements are the opportunity for the victim(s) of a crime to express themselves directly to the judge trying their case. Usually these statements are made in the form of a letter addressed to the judge. In the statement, the victim tells how their lives have changed for the worse because of the crime. Sometimes the victim expresses an opinion on how much time in prison the perpetrator should serve.
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A victim impact statement may be written, video-taped, or oral. A victim impact statement or letter is a document that you send or bring to a court after you have been the victim
Legally, they inform the sentencing determinations that the judge (or jury, in a capital murder situation) makes in a case. In most states, judges are allowed to take into account
A victim impact statement is a written or verbal statement made as part of the
Suggestions for completing a Victim Impact Statement…. These suggestions are offered only as a guide. *How has the crime affected you and those close to you emotionally and
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A Victim Impact Statement or VIS is an important statement written by the victim of a crime. This type of statement is where the victim gets to discuss how they were impacted by the crime that was committed and what they believe a fair punishment would be for the defendant. Reading examples of Victim Impact Statements can give you a better idea of what to include in your statement to the judge. You can choose to write a letter to the judge, or be present at the hearing and give a verbal statement.
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