How to Create an Amortization Table in Excel?


To create an amortization table in excel, use the loan APR, amount and term in Excel's 'PMT' function to calculate the monthly payment. Give the amortization table a heading and in cell a3, type 'unpaid balance.' in cell a4, type the initial loan value. For the previous example, you would type '200000.' calculate the interest on the first month's payment. Calculate the principal on the first payment. Calculate the second month's unpaid balance. Copy the methods down each column till the table is done. For more information, visit
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1. Click on the "Office" button in Excel 2007 and select "New. NOTE: If you do not have Excel 2007, click the "Excel Amortization Schedule Template" link
1. Launch Microsoft Excel and open a new spreadsheet. Ad. 2. Create labels in cells A1 down through A4 as follows: Loan Amount, Interest Rate, Months and Payments. 3. Include the
here is an example of a simple amortization schedule. I'm assuming that interest in compounded annually, so you would enter 5 as the number of periods in this example.
``````````The principle and interest being paid on a loan`````````
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How to Make an Amortization Table in Excel
A Loan Amortization schedule can be made using the Amortization Template for Excel. Download and save the template and users may input loan information to create an Amortization Schedule. Excel 2007 includes the Amortization Schedule pre-loaded as a... More »
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