What are some exercises to firm the inner thighs?


Health.com suggests the sideways dancer exercise to combat saggy inner thighs. This exercise involves lying on the right side with the legs stacked, right elbow under shoulder, fingers pointing forward and left hand on top hip. The exerciser then lifts the hips into a side plank and brings the right knee toward the chest before extending the right foot and tapping it in front of the left for 15 reps.

Of course, the exerciser must repeat this move with the other side. Fitness magazine makes another suggestion for firmer inner thighs with the inner thigh lift. With an inner thigh lift, the exerciser lies on the floor on the right side with the head resting on the right hand and the legs extended 45 degrees in front. With the left foot on the floor in front of the right thigh, the exerciser grasps the left ankle before raising the right leg to hip height with the inner thigh reaching toward the ceiling and the foot flexed for eight reps then circling the legs three times. The exerciser then rolls onto the stomach and places the forehead in the hands before lifting the legs off the floor and clapping the heels together 30 times. The exerciser must repeat these moves after switching sides.

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Exercises to firm the inner thigh act as a conduit to strengthen the adductor muscles. These are the muscles responsible for bringing the leg in toward the body. Place a towel on
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1. Lie on your back with your knees bent. Point your feet straight ahead of you so that your feet, knees, and hips are aligned. Set your arms out to your sides with palms facing upwards
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Inner Thigh Firming Exercises
Inner thigh firming exercises are done both so you can look good and feel good. Results from these exercises range from increased circulation to your muscles to better fitting clothes. You also may experience an improved sense of well being. You can... More »
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