What are exercises to slim down my inner thighs?


According to Judy Bruen, three effective exercises for slimming the inner thigh area are leg lifts, lunges and squats. The side-lying leg lift is done by getting comfortable on the floor and lying on the left side. Prop the body up on the left elbow while resting the head in the left hand. While pointing the toes, the left leg is lifted up and slowly lowered almost to the floor.

Bruen, a wellness coach and certified personal trainer, notes that the balance lunge slims and strengthens thighs. This exercise begins in a standing posture. The feet are aligned with the hips and the knees are slightly bent. Keeping the back and abdominal muscles tight, bring one foot forward about 2-4 inches. At the same time, bend the knee at a 90-degree angle towards the floor. Lift the bent knee up until it is level with the hip and hold the position for three seconds. Return the leg to the starting position and repeat using the other leg.

Doing a pick-up squat requires holding either a dumbbell or other type of weight, says Bruen. Start by placing the feet even with the shoulders and bending the knees slightly. Bring shoulders together while lifting the chest. Thrust hips towards the back at a 90-degree angle. Then, lay the dumbbells outside both feet and stand up straight. Squat down and grab the weights, then stand up again. Repeat these movements several times.

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Lie on your left side on the floor. As before prop up
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Exercises to Slim Down Inner Thighs
The muscles of the inner thighs can be difficult to target because the larger muscles of the legs, such as the hamstrings, are often the prime movers in many leg exercises. Specific workouts target these muscles. These exercises are similar to ones that... More »
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