How to Choose an Exterior Paint Color for a Red Brick House?


To choose an exterior paint color that complements a red brick house, it's wise to research current trends in home architecture and 'curb appeal.' Light colors do not go well as the contrast is too great. Dark colors like charcoal gray go well. Look for the undertone in your brick and you will find that certain shades go better than others. Shades of brown and forest green go well with red brick as well.
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1. Ask yourself what kind of style you are aiming to achieve when painting your house. For instance, if you are going for a retro theme, choose a pale pink, salmon or pastel blue
play around with the Sherwin Williams color visualizer to find colors that you like. It is the best paint visualizer on the web, imho. I like how their color palette is laid out,
That depends on personal taste. Another red (darker, lighter, more intense, etc) beige or tan, black or dark gray, brown, and even other colors would work.
My house has redish orange bricks. I added gray shutters and gray trim. The gray helps to tone down the redness of the bricks.
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