How much extra postage is necessary for a square envelope?


There is actually no set amount of extra postage for a square envelope. The amount of postage you need depends on the weight of your envelope and whatever you are mailing. You will need to go to a post office to find out how much postage is needed.
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Square envelopes don't fit in the postage sorting machines so it's 17 cents more.You can find out more at:
This just means that the package you sent was too large for the
It will depend on size and weight. Normally it means a second stamp is needed to cover the weight. That would be 17 cents for a second ounce. There are also premiums for over sized
Square envelopes require extra postage because they need extra handling on the part of the Post Office. They can't go through the automatic sorting and cancelling machines because
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In order to pay the regular postage price a letter must be 31/2 inches high and 5 inches long. It can also be no thicker than .007 inch. Anything bigger than this ...
Envelopes which are larger than 6 1/8 x 11 1/2 will require additional postage for US First Class Mail. The US Postal Service's site can provide further details ...
The extra postage needed for a square envelope varies with the size of the envelope. A4 envelopes vary in their pricing for example from A3 envelopes. You need ...
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