Extracurricular Activities Resume?


Some things to list for extracurricular activities on a resume include Scouts, 4-H club, anything to do with art and/or church activities. There are a lot of clubs that can be added to a resume as well as any community service you have (voluntarily) done. Hobbies are another thing to consider listing under extracurricular activities on your resume.
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List activities you participated in with your school or within your community. Experience as the leader of service organizations, editor of the school newspaper or yearbook committee
Some good extra curricular activities that you can put
1 Read over all your options, and consider your interests and time. Ad 2 Once you know what you're considering, maybe ask the leader of that group questions, (like daily activities,
Colleges want to see that your capable of juggling more than just schoolwork. They want to see that your involved in your school and have taken the time to lead and help out others.
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Extracurricular Activities on a Resume
Employers are looking for candidates with transferable skills and experience. Your job titles, education and credentials may not provide employers with enough evidence of your skill set. Listing your extracurricular activities on a resume can round out... More »
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