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Extreme Couponing
There's saving a few dollars here and there by clipping coupons...and then there's the super couponers profiled in this series. They share why they are so driven by finding the best deals and show the amazing... More »
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You can be an extreme couponer by putting in a lot of time and effort. You will have to collect coupon inserts and flyers wherever you can and compare them against current store sales.
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1. Collect as many coupons as you can. You can obtain coupons in many ways. The best way is to subscribe to multiple copies of the Sunday newspaper with the largest circulation in
1 Get a cheap Sunday newspaper subscription. Subscribe to a statewide paper and a paper from your town or a nearby town as long as the money you save from the coupons that you find
Extreme couponing is basically matching high value coupons with sale prices at local stores. When extreme couponing is done correctly, it is simple to get items for FREE or extremely
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Extreme couponing is a skill of using organizational skills to find the best deal with a coupon. There are many people who do this that run blogs and Facebook ...
There are lots of good tips for couponing. Use websites and print coupons on your home printer, look for coupons in your local newspaper, go to savings and freebies ...
Extreme couponing requires correct timing and patience to realize the intended goal. The following tips are vital if you want to embark on this journey. DonÕ ...
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