How do you apply permanent eyebrows?


Permanent eyebrows are applied by a permanent cosmetic professional using tattoo methods. Techniques vary with each technician, but the general procedure is that a person pencils in her eyebrows in the way she wishes to be tattooed or brings in a picture representation of the permanent style she wants.

A client must have an idea of how she wants her eyebrows to be permanently etched, and the permanent cosmetic professional advises her on the final design. The design is then captured in a template for tattooing.

The procedure begins with the eyebrow area being cleaned with a cleanser, and sometimes an anesthetic is applied as well. The technician then uses a disinfected eyebrow to draw in the design before tattooing the design permanently into the skin with a sterilized tattoo needle and single-use accessories.

Breaks are provided if needed during the tattooing process for two reasons: one to allow the client to deal with the pain and also for the client to approve of the ongoing process.

As in any regular tattooing procedure, aftercare instructions are provided after the session ends. A follow-up appointment is scheduled in the next four to eight weeks so that the technician can determine if the healing process is going well and to provide any touch-up work.

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