How do you clean an eyeglass cloth?


To clean an eyeglass cloth you have to wash-down the cloth in warm water with one to two drops of minor liquid dish soap or runny laundry detergent. Stain the cloth well to eradicate any soap from it when using a washing machine if you take not to wash the cloth by hand and then put it in a dryer.
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Many eyeglass wearers prefer to use a special eyeglass cloth to clean their glasses. Such cloths, often referred to as microfiber cleansing cloths, are incredibly soft and easily
The best type of cloth to use for cleaning eyeglasses is a microfiber towel. These towels allow the glasses to be cleaned without it scratching the surface of the glass.
Most pharmacies have them in the aisle with the contact lens solution and eye drops with the contact cases and eye droppers. I know Walgreens sells them, but you should be able to
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You can clean hairspray off sunglasses with soap and water. You can also spray Windex on a soft cloth, but wait a few minutes before putting the glasses back on. ...
There are two methods to cleaning eyeglasses, wet cleaning or dry cleaning. Dry cleaning requires a dry, lint free cloth that you can gently use to wipe the lenses ...
To clean prescription eyeglasses, take a bottle of lens cleaner and a cloth from the eyeglass provider hence put a few drops of the cleaner. Next, look at the ...
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