What causes eyelid discoloration?


There may come a time when you notice a slight discoloration of your eyelid. While this is generally not a cause for concern, it may be a sign of an underlying more serious cause. If the change is sudden or is accompanied by other symptoms such as swelling or thickening of the eyelid or perhaps a sore on the lid that isn't healing, you should contact your physician for a professional diagnosis. Eyelid cancer can have some of those symptoms, but if caught early can be stopped in its tracks.
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Some of the most common causes of eyelid discoloration are: Bruising: Usually after a trauma to the eye area. Hormone changes caused by cyclic changes, thyroid, pregnancy, menopause
Eyelid discoloration can be the result of hormonal changes resulting
When I was a kid My eyelids did that all the time in the spring and summer, it was because I was allergic to different types of flowers. You said you have allergies, that is probably
The lids of the eyes can become discoloured for many reasons, including hormone change or imbalance, certain disorders, infections, medications, inflammation and ageing.
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