What color eyeshadow is right for me?


The color of eyeshadow that is right for you will depend on your skin tone, eye color and the look you're going for. Smoky taupes, browns and plums go nicely with brown eyes for day or evening wear.
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1. Determine your skin tone. Dark skinned women should wear darker eyeshadow colors and avoid light or white shades. Lighter or fair skinned women should stick to lighter colors,
1 Look carefully at your eyes. Determine the color of them. Are they hazel, brown, green, blue? Ad 2 If your eyes are blue: swipe a bronze and purple eye shadow over your lid. Add
It all matters on your appearence/outfit, facial structure, and the colors you like. If you have a big area to work with try a smokey eye in a lighter shade. If you have low eyes
There's a cool site where you can try on different colors and styles of makeup on your own photo. It's taaz.com You can also try on different hairstyles and colors. Good luck! Source
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