What color eyeshadow is right for me?


The color of eyeshadow that is right for you will depend on your skin tone, eye color and the look you're going for. Smoky taupes, browns and plums go nicely with brown eyes for day or evening wear.
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1. Determine your skin tone. Dark skinned women should wear darker eyeshadow colors and avoid light or white shades. Lighter or fair skinned women should stick to lighter colors,
Color charts can be found online, in art books and in arts and craft stores. Color charts show shades of color and what colors will be created when two colors are mixed.
1. Look carefully at your eyes. Determine the color of them. Are they hazel, brown, green, blue? Ad. 2. If your eyes are blue: swipe a bronze and purple eye shadow over your lid.
golds, mid-tone browns, black with gold shimmer.
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To apply eyeshadow, begin by putting the lightest color on the entire eye. Next, using a color one shade darker, apply from the crease of the eye to the brow bone ...
Eye shadow is made from powder and mica. Eye shadow can come in a liquid, pencil or liquid form as well as powder. Eye shadow is used for adding color above the ...
Eyeshadow colors that flatter brown eyes best, according to the website Makeup Geek, are opposite colors. Purple and teal are the best eyeshadow colors for brown ...
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