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An EZ Go is a popular style of golf cart. There may come a time when an owner is in need of a wiring diagram. The most common reason for this would be due to needing to replace lights or perhaps the motor is not running properly. The wiring diagram will need to be specific to the model of the golf cart. It will show how the motor and other electrical parts are wired for the vehicle. This is a great reference material for those who choose to do repairs at home.
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Reading a wiring diagram is not as easy at it sounds. It is a very complex set of instructions with coding and specific placement of code. If these are done incorrectly it can be
1. Position the batteries in the EZ-Go's battery tray, which is located in the rear of the utility cart. Place the first three batteries with the positive ( terminals toward the front
1. Find the wiring diagram. Wiring diagrams are often provided with appliances and other objects. However, they can be difficult to find. Look for a control panel, secret door, or
Try it again just remember where and how the wires where done take them apart and try hem a another way .Let me know how it goes Buddy
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