What is an F6 Tornado?


An F6 tornado is a storm with winds above 318 mph. It often is referred to as an inconceivable tornado because an F6 has never been recorded as of 2014, according to About.com.

Tornadoes are categorized by the Enhanced Fujita Scale, also known as the F-Scale. The F-Scale goes from F0 to F5, which is a storm with winds of 261 to 318 mph. Because the scale stops at F5, the Storm Prediction Center notes that no storm receives an official F6 designation, even if the winds register stronger than 318 mph. Tornadoes are rated based on calculations of wind and damage.

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F6 is a theoretical rating on the Fujita scale. For just about all intents and purposes the Fujita scale, which rates tornadoes based on the severity of the damage they do, runs from
F6 Inconceivable With winds above 318 mph 509 kph F6 tornadoes are considered
Category 6: Day of Destruction (2004) was a 2-part mini-series on CBS that featured the mythical F6 Tornado, more info at: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0428144/. And of course Twister
There isn't an F6 category for a tornado. The current scale is the Enhanced Fujita scale which goes from EF0 to EF5. A basement needs to be sturdy and have thick walls in order to
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There has never been a recorded F6 tornado. The original Fujita scale of tornado categorization was based on wind speed and damage potential, with F6 labeled as ...
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