How to Unlock Facebook?


There are multiple ways to unlock Facebook. In the event that the username or password is incorrect, click the option, 'Forgot Your Password?' An email is sent to the account through which the Facebook profile was created.
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Reset Password. Open the Facebook homepage and click "Forgot Your Password?" under the login and password text boxes if you know your Facebook username or the email you
You cant, the schools use very powerful firewalls to prevent pupils from going on certain websites. You could try ping but I am quite certain that your school administration has already
If your Facebook account suspended due to friend requests you have sent from
Once you have sent a request it can't be unlocked. you have to wait until the person you have tried to friend rejects or accepts your request. if they accept you can go onto there
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How to Unlock Facebook
Facebook locks accounts suspected of being hacked or accessed for nefarious purposes. Facebook also locks users out of an account for too many incorrect attempts logging in with the wrong password or email address. Depending on the reason for the... More »
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