How Long after a Tooth Extraction Is There Swelling?


Facial swelling after tooth extraction can last up to 1 week depending on the tooth that is extracted. The swelling that results from the extraction of wisdom tooth with surgery will take longer. To relieve swelling, ice packs on the cheek of the affected area for 15 minutes on and off should provide some relief.
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Two or three days minimum on up to five to seven days, providing no complications develop. The local trauma tears tissues and such, and that's all part of the process. The damage
It can take several days for swelling to go
Try rinsing with saltwater and eating ice ( not at the same time though)
Apply an ice pack to your face for 20 minutes every hour, take tylenol (not aspirin, it will thin your blood if you need to get it extracted and make you bleed more), use oil of clove
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