Where are facial tattoos legal?


Facial tattoos are legal all over the United States. It can however, be difficult to find a job. If you have a facial tattoo you will need to not work in customer service that you deal with customers directly. Though it is not illegal, it is still considered unprofessional.
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Tattooing is an ancient practice that has been done all over the world. In the Middle East and North Africa it is usually only seen among the Bedouin and Amazigh peoples who are
Facial tattoos are not all that socially acceptable out side of being a tattoo artist or gangster and it would be hard to get a job if you have a big tattoo on your face.
Lil Wayne's three tear tattoos represent three of his close friends who have
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Moko face tattoos are facial tattoos, so unique and culturally important. They also served as the person's name, they were called moko. The practice of using them ...
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