What are some interesting facts about Volc�n de Fuego?


An interesting fact about Volcan de Fuego, is that on a low level, it is almost constantly active. The stratovolcano is located in Guatemala, and has an elevation of 12,346 ft.
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Fuego volcano (aka Chigag) in Guatemala is one of the world's most active
formed of layers of ash and lava and a cone shaped volcano. 1. 2. 3. Yes, there are many different things u don't know about volcanoes! it kill people. ash. boomb. There are more
Cinder cones are relatively small, especially when compared to shield volcanoes, such as those that make up the Hawaiian Islands. Cinder cones range in size from just a few feet to
1)Volcanic ash blown over thousands of square kilometers of land increases soil fertility for forests and agriculture by adding nutrients and acting as a mulch. 2) Groundwater heated
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