What are some facts about totem poles?


Totem poles are sculptures that are carved from large trees, mostly Western Red Cedar. They are carved by cultures of the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America. Some of the interesting facts about totem poles are the totem poles stand forty feet tall, Indian artists today continue to carve trees and are used in homes as decorations, and the raising of a totem pole is a big celebration among the Indian tribe.
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Totem poles are used for a variety of reasons like, graveboxes, house decor, to shame another clan or family, to tell a story or just to increase the status of ones clan. In the 1800
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Facts About Totem Poles
Totem poles can be found standing, alone and in clusters, along the Pacific coast of the United States, the coast of British Columbia and all the way up to southern Alaska. They are reminders of American predecessors, but you can better enjoy them if you... More »
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