What are some facts against school uniforms?


School uniforms were implemented in the United States to theoretically put students on a level playing field. The issues with school uniforms arise in the debate of whether they're effective and the cost that they impose on lower-income families.

One of the facts against school uniforms is that they violate the student's constitutional rights. By requiring all students to wear the same thing to school every day, the school limits the children's self-expression. By forcing them to wear uniforms, schools are removing individuality, which makes students find other ways of expressing themselves, such as piercings and tattoos. Uniforms do not cut down on student violence. Issues such as bullying, gangs and drugs still exist. Wearing uniforms does not combat the problems that exist. Instead, it attempts to cover them up with a veneer of sameness.

The cost that school uniforms impose on lower class families, particularly families with more than one child, is also a drawback. Parents must meet the requirements of the school by purchasing particular clothes and shoes for their children and then must purchase additional clothing for the children to wear outside of school when previously one set of clothing would have been sufficient. Parents against the use of uniforms in schools may argue instead for a dress code policy that allows students to wear street clothes to school.

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