Facts on Electrical Engineering?


Electrical engineering is a field that studies electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. One interesting fact about electrical engineering is that it is the development of the devices for the generation and transmission of electrical power to electronics. It is also stated that the subspecialties of electronics include computer engineering, microwave engineering, communications, and digital signal processing. The amount of schooling needed to become an electrical engineer is two years and the annual salary of a electrical engineer is around $154,250.
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Education. An electrical engineer generally acquires a bachelor's or master's degree in electrical engineering. However, professionals with diplomas in electrical and electronics
This question is hard to answer definitively because there are a lot of different jobs as an electrical engineer. I can, however, make some general observations about being and becoming
1 Start when you're young. It is important to have an interest in this early in life. Ad 2 Get a mentor early in the process. This will be much better than doing it on your own. 3
Electrical Engineer gets around 12,000 to 20,ooo Rs. If he is working in abroad then the salary may go low - $26 - $30.
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Electrical Engineering Schools
If you like to build things, a degree in electrical engineering can help you learn how to design, develop and build electrical equipment like motors, radar, communication systems and other electronic devices that keep the world humming. Find a schoo... More »
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