What are some facts about the Great Sphinx of Giza?


Hamilton Spectator Archives the Great Sphinx of Giza is a national treasure statue made out of a limestone. It has a human head but the body is for that of a lion. It is the largest statue in the world. Its meaning comes from a Greek myth meaning strangler. It is 66 feet high and 240 feet long. It was built by pharoah Khafre about 4600 years back. It erodes because of sun and smog.
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It is generally accepted that the Sphinx was built by Pharaoh Khafre - c2575 to c2465 BC - during the Old Kingdom, the age of the great pyramid builders. It is believed that Khafre's
One of the only things that suggests the Sphinx had a functional use at some point are the tunnels found within. There are a total of three of them located inside. However, they all
I am reading a fictional book that puts forth some real far fetch ideas that it was created by an ancient intelligent race back when the Nile was a "wet climate" In fact
Egyptologists are still officially in debate over the precise date of the Sphinx's construction,who built it and who it is meant to represent! It is agreed that it was built in the
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Facts About the Great Sphinx of Giza
In the wind-swept desert near Cairo reclines a giant lion with a human head. The Great Sphinx of Giza is a monumental limestone sculpture, considered to be one of Egypt's national symbols. Its purpose, as well as its age, is one of the great mysteries of... More »
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