How to Fake Being Sick?


If you want to fake being sick, take a warm rag to your head so that your head will feel hot. You can also spray water on your face to give off the appearance that you are breaking out in a sweat. You can also use powder to make yourself look paler in the face.
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You can fake being sick by laying in bed and acting lethargic. Heat up a thermometer and pretend you have a fever. Talk with a raspy, whisper-like voice and cough a bit. By doing
If your a kid in urgent need to skip a day or two of school due to a big test or just wanting a few days off, this is the guide for you. I will teach you a few simple ways to get
1 Choose a time when you want to do this. If you want to leave by a specific time, plan ahead so you have time to fake your illness and convince your teacher. Ad 2 That morning suggest
The best sickness is a cold with a bit of a fever along with a stomach ache all together. First of all you should have a very good cough to fake one, everyonce in awhile secretly
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To fake a sickness, you might exaggerate on having a headache, stomache or earache. Also, you might even stick four finger down your throat to induce vomiting. ...
Some of the best ways to fake sickness include repeating symptoms of an earlier sickness, pinch your cheeks until they are red, act slightly clumsy, refrain from ...
Almost everyday children will try to fake symptoms of being sick in order to get out of school. They will use tricks such as making out to have a high temperature ...
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