Family Reunion Ideas?


With a little planning, you can come up with family reunion ideas to make the time a pleasant memory for everyone. Have name tags available when guests arrive, make a welcome speech, and line out the activities for the event. Pre-order T-shirts for every member that wants one. Have everyone send you a recipe before hand and make them into a family cookbook to hand out to each family. Have fun games and events lined up, and prizes to give to winners. Have all meals planned in advance, whether it be a potluck on the first day, catered, or everyone pitching in to make a great meal. Plan a karakoe night to showcase the talents in the family.
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Learning how to plan a family reunion isn't hard, as long as you're not overly concerned about how your family members will react. Put aside that fear of Aunt Martha's judgmental
1. Make your guest list. Instead of listing each individual person, list people by family and put their addresses and the number of people in their immediate families next to them
1. Decide on a date. Holidays are always great times to do it.Make sure the type of reunion is appropriate for the weather or time of your reunion.Follow these guidelines: Spring\
Some games to play for a family reunion: Red Rover, Sack Race
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