Who were some famous female singers of the 1920s?


The famous 1920s female jazz singers include Annette Hanshaw, Vaugh De Leath, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Sophie Tucker, Mamie Smith, Ethel Waters, and Ruth Etting.
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Bessie Smith Billie Holliday Sarah Vaughn Dolly Cooper Ella Fitzgerald Wendy Rene Dinah Washington Helen Humes Ma Rainy
Swanee by Al Jolson was #1 in 1920. In 1925, Sweet Georgia Brown by Ben Bernie, and in 1929, When You're Smiling by L. Armstrong.
Billie Holiday.
Adele. Adele, in interviews, has stated that she was inspired by Johnny Cash to wear all black on stage. The look is so iconic that she says she can wear bright colors while in public
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