Famous Foods of Virginia?


The state of Virginia is known most for it's seafood and wine. The wine industry in Virginia has grown considerably over the years, and Chardonnay is the most widely produced wine in the state. Virginia is the nation's third largest seafood producer and lucky inhabitants dine on blue crabs, oysters, clams, sea scallops, croaker, striped bass, spot, flounder, catfish and many other species of fish.
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The Virginia Baked Ham or the Smithfield Ham. Few places serve this dry cured ham with red-eyed gravy properly which mandates a virtual boiling of a slab of ham in coffee and butter
Virginia is famous for a lot of foods. One of the most famous is the Virginia
1. Begin the food stamp or SNAP application process by visiting the Virginia DSS web site and downloading the food stamp application form at: http://www.dss.state.va.us/benefit/vnan
The Clark Bar. Originally made in Pittsburgh around the mid 1880's by the D. L. Clark Company. The Devonshire Sandwich. A chicken or turkey open sandwich was created by Frank Blandi
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