Who are famous foreign physicists?


There are many famous foreign physicists. Some of them are Italian physicist Galileo Galilei, English physicist Sir Isaac Newton, and Swiss physicist Daniel Bernoulli.
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Classical Period William Gilbert1544-1603 Englishhypothesized that the Earth is a giant magnetGalileo Galilei1564-1642 Italianperformed fundamental observations, experiments, and
Here are the Nobel Prize winners in physics. You can't get more famous than that. http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/physi…. Wikipedia has them listed by country: http://en.wikipedia.org
It's easier for a normal person to connect physicists' work with things in the world. So Isaac Newton evokes the moon landing, Albert Einstein evokes black holes and lasers, Stephen
Stephen Wolfram - created Mathematica, the first modern computer algebra system;
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Famous Physicists
Physicists study a wide range of physical phenomena in many sub-branches of their discipline, from the sub-atomic level to the behavior of the material Universe.
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Some famous Filipino physicists are as follows: Arturo Alcaraz, Diosdado Banateo, Paulo Campos, Josefino Comeso, Felix Maramba, and Gregorio Zara. These phyicists ...
Isaac Newton, a prominent mathematician and physicist, is famous for discovering several laws and theories of physics and motion that are collectively known as ...
Michael Faraday is famous for inventing the electric monitor. He is a British physicist who is also known for formulating laws of electrolysis. He was born in ...
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