Who are famous foreign physicists?


There are many famous foreign physicists. Some of them are Italian physicist Galileo Galilei, English physicist Sir Isaac Newton, and Swiss physicist Daniel Bernoulli.
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Classical Period William Gilbert1544-1603 Englishhypothesized that the Earth is a giant magnetGalileo Galilei1564-1642 Italianperformed fundamental observations, experiments, and
Here are the Nobel Prize winners in physics. You can't get more famous than that. http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/physi…. Wikipedia has them listed by country: http://en.wikipedia.org
Stephen Wolfram - created Mathematica, the first modern computer algebra system;
"The more important fundamental laws and facts of physical science have all been discovered, and these are now so firmly established that the possibility of their ever being
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Famous Physicists
Physicists study a wide range of physical phenomena in many sub-branches of their discipline, from the sub-atomic level to the behavior of the material Universe.
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