Famous Lithograph Artists?


Famous lithograph artists include Pablo Picasso, Max Kahn, Grant Wood, and M.C. Escher. The artist M.C. Escher was said to be considered a master of the art of lithography. Lithography is a method of printing that used a stone or metal plated smooth surface that was invented in 1796 as a cheap way to publish theatrical works. Lithography is still used in today's modern times for the production of maps, books, posters, newspapers, and other printed materials.
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The most famous lithographers are French or Dutch. Among the British I immediately thought of William Hogarth, but he did engravings not lithography.
1. Decipher the artist's signature. This step may be trickier than it sounds. Some lithographs are signed in the picture itself, while others have a pencil signature in the margins
A famous lithographer and publisher who strongly supported the production of
Note: For this article I am talking only about visual art You can be good without being famous and you can be famous without being good. So how do artists become famous? There is
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