What are some famous opposites?


There are many famous things that are opposites. Some examples include yin and yang, dark and light, republicans and democrats, despair and hope, chocolate and vanilla, sweet and sour, truth and lies, attraction and repulsion, men and women, happy and sad, smart and dumb, hot and cold, heavy and light, and evil and good. It is often said that everything needs its opposite in order to exist, which is where the popular saying 'opposites attract' comes from.
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'Infamous' or 'unknown' according to context.
Here is a list of quotes about Opposites: Every moment of light and dark is a
I don't know whether or the NYTimes article inspired this question, but here is their feature on this subject of bipartisan couples (published 9/24/2010) http://www.nytimes.com/20
2 things. Infamous, which means famous for negative reasons.like Jake the Riper. And then several; Ordinary, Obscure, Normal, Average, Indirect, Unknown. :
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