Can you collect famous signatures?


Collecting famous signatures is a fun hobby. It is exciting to get a new signature to add to the collection. It can also be a lucrative hobby since some famous signatures can be sold for money. Some of the famous signatures that are highly sought after are those from Mohammad Ali, Neil Armstrong, Al Pacino, The Beach Boys, and the Beatles. If you do not live in an area where you can see famous people, you may be able to get autographs through the mail.
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Ben's signature is famous because HE'S famous. It's really not that hard to figure out!
It's hard to hand pick famous interface designs because it depends on your taste of style, simplicity and other aspects of design that may be factored in as well. A good resource
If you are referring to cell phone signatures, there are lots of ways to
What is so hilarious is that when people send for an autographed picture, most of the time the autograph is not real. It is a forgery by a staff member. Phony, just like most everything
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